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School Bus Schedules

A Storybook Farm Child Care and AVON Center

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Before and After School Bus Service

A Storybook Farm serves the following schools:

Alexander Wilson
B. Everett Jordan
Audrey Garrett
River Mill Academy
Southern Middle
Hawfields Middle
Southern High
Home Schoolers Welcome too!

BUS SCHEDULE for Storybook:

Alexander Wilson Bus 250 picks up at 6:30 AM drops off at 3:10 PM

BE Jordan Bus 29 picks up at 7:30 AM and drops off at 3:30PM

Audrey Garret Bus 203 picks up at 6:40 AM and drops off at 2:45 PM

River Mill Bus 54 picks up at 7:30 AM and drops off at 3:00 PM

Southern Middle Bus 141 picks up at 6:30 AM and drops off at 3:50 PM
Hawfields Middle Bus #142 picks up at 7:30 AM and drops off at 4 PM

Special Education Bus for Special Needs children drops off at 3:50PM

Remember, we're open even when it snows. School bus will bring your children right to our doorway. No worries!